Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Newborn Sneak Peek – Brody

I recently got the opportunity to photograph a former colleagues son’s newborn baby. Brody was just 6 days old and such a great little guy. He never made a peep the entire session, and once we finally got him to sleep I was able to get a bunch of great shots. I think we had a great session and I hope mom & dad are pleased. Congrats on your little guy Matt & Shelly, he’s absolutely adorable and you are both so lucky! I hope you love them!

Baby B 142 3 BW WEB

Baby B 118 2 BW WEB

Baby B 099 2 BW WEB

Baby B 167 2 BW WEB

Baby B 069 2 BW WEB

Baby B 190 2 BW WEB

Baby B 039 2 BW WEB

Baby B 019 2 BW WEB

Baby B 025 2 BW WEB

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sneak Peek – Newborn Baby Kyle

After I finished my last newborn shoot for my friend Katie, I got a call from her sister who had a 6 week old son. She asked if I would do pictures for them, and I was so excited for the opportunity. Kyle was such a sweetheart, and although he was no longer a tiny sleepy newborn that wanted to curl up into a ball, he was still an adorable little guy with beautiful blue eyes that I was more than happy to photograph. He didn’t want to sleep unless he was being held, and the few times we tried to lay him down he woke right up. I feel like we still got some great shots though and I hope the parents love them and will always remember Kyle as their happy little 6 week old! Thanks Aimee & Scott, I hope you enjoy these!

Baby K 07-19-08 017 2 BW WEB

Baby K 07-19-08 070 2 BW WEB

Baby K 07-19-08 078 2 BW WEB

Baby K 07-19-08 034 2 BW WEB

Baby K 07-19-08 085 2 BW WEB

Baby K 07-19-08 079 2 BW WEB

Baby K 07-19-08 107 2 BW WEB