Thursday, January 27, 2011

giving back | family portraiture

Sometimes you meet people in your life that... well... change it. This family has been that for me. Carlos used to be the small groups pastor at our old church, until he took a leap of faith and decided to become a full time missionary. What faith to step out of your comfort zone and rely 100% on God for your families well being. I can't imagine the strength it would take to have that type of faith, but this family has exactly that.

Carlos is doing such great things with his ministry and has recently started his own non-profit called Reaching the Hungry in Word and Deed. He works to get churches involved directly with their missionaries so they are being proactive in working towards reaching the hungry throughout our world. He helps provide or do practical things they need such as teaching them to more effectively grow their own food, providing mosquito nets, digging water wells, or even something as simple as sponsoring children through his alliance with World Vision. He then pairs the deed with the word of God via talking Bibles so that those who can't read are still blessed... well, you can imagine the outcome. Thousands of people are having their basic needs met and they are coming to Christ at the same time. I'm so excited to be partnering with his ministry and I hope you take a minute to check it out.

I don't give back nearly enough with my photography but am so blessed to do so with this family when I can. You've seen his gorgeous daughters senior pictures in the past and here they are all together for a session I did for them this past fall. Thank you so much Carlos and Lisa, for what you do and what you give up to help those in need. You are truly a blessing to everyone around you and I can't wait to see your ministry blossom.

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