Tuesday, December 7, 2010

motherly love | family portraiture

I recently got to photograph my gorgeous friend Sarah and her adorable little guy Collin. He's such a great kiddo and I always enjoy getting him behind my camera. I took advantage of the beautiful weather we have been having and we headed outside into our usual desert dry-lands that looked oh so not desert like. Thanks rainy year!

Sarah_120110 049_2B_WEB

Sarah_120110 030_2B_WEB

Sarah_120110 044_2B_WEB

Sarah_120110 037_2B_WEB

Thursday, October 28, 2010

family fun | vancouver wa

When my good friend and amazing fellow photographer Amber of Amber Anderson Photography asked myself and another good friend Sarah of Berrytree Photography to fly up and photograph her family what could I say but YES!!! I was so honored and since she came down and photographed my family last year I was more than happy to return the favor. Aside from being a super talented photographer, Amber and her family are all so fun and totally down to earth. She told us she wanted a casual session with her and her family being themselves and playing with their girls... so that's what we did. Amber, you and Jeff are awesome and I so loved getting to know your family. I hope that we captured everything you wanted!

Anderson_101710 025_2H_WEB

Anderson_101710 076_3H

Anderson_101710 092_2BW_WEB

Anderson_101710 140_2H_WEB

Anderson_101710 124_2H_WEB

Anderson_101710 053_2BW_WEB

Thursday, October 21, 2010

wedding portraits | vancouver wa

Sometimes I feel blessed beyond words! This was the second opportunity I had this year to fly to another state and do what I love with some highly admired photographers who I am lucky to call close friends. This specific session was a stylized wedding shoot meant to emulate a "day after" session. We wanted to show people that wedding portraits can be fun and styled to fit your personality. Our lovely "bride" Kim is also a talented photographer and we were lucky enough to get her and her handsome hubby Jay on the other side of the camera. The day was beautiful and it turned out better than we all envisioned! Thanks so much for putting up with all of us Kim, you guys are the best!

Washington_101610 210_2_WEB

Washington_101610 322_2_WEB


Washington_101610 231_2_WEB

Washington_101610 405_2_WEB

Washington_101610 365_2_WEB

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

alison | senior portraits | sneak peek

You might recognize this gorgeous girl from a session I did with her and her sisters last year. It's now her senior year so it was her turn to be the star behind the camera. She's beautiful both inside and out and has a smile that is so contagious I kept finding myself grinning behind my camera. Without further ado... here is the beautiful Miss Alison!

Alison_100710 085_2_WEB

Alison_100710 036_2_WEB

Alison_100710 017_2_WEB

Alison_100710 197_2H_WEB

Thursday, September 2, 2010

chris | senior portraits | sneak peek

I've been a horrible blogger, and my poor clients haven't had sneak peek's for quite some time. I figured there was no time like the present to jump back in show you what I've been up to. On Tuesday night I had the privilege of doing a senior session with a great down to earth guy. Chris is so polite (kudos mom & dad) and as a bonus was super stylish (always a nice treat for a photographer!) He was so much fun to photograph and I hope the experience was far from the dreaded senior photo sessions most people tend think of. Congrats Chris and thanks so much for choosing me for your senior portraits. These are just a few of my favorites and I hope you love what you see!

Chris_083110 030_2_WEB2



Monday, August 30, 2010

catalina | newborn portraiture | sneak peek

This newborn session was extra special... because Catalina is my brand new adorable niece! She's so tiny and I just couldn't resist cuddling her for hours during her shoot. I'm so blessed to be an auntie again and I'm looking forward to watching this little cutie grow up. Congrats Chad & Michelle, love you guys and thanks for letting me spend the day with this little cutie!

Catalina_082210 029_2H_WEB

Catalina_082210 025_2_WEB

Catalina_082210 009_2BW_WEB

Catalina_082210 122_2BW_WEB

Catalina_082210 058_2BW_WEB

Catalina_082210 069_3BW_WEB

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

engagement session | atlanta ga

Last one, I promise! This was probably my favorite session we did while in Atlanta. We met this adorably in love couple at a vineyard that was... well... picture perfect! I was so in awe as I stood there looking at this picturesque setting and the love from this couple just added to the beauty. They were so much fun and pretty much up for anything which is always a treat with a session like this. I had a hard time narrowing it down, so here you go!

Atlanta 2010 121_2 WEB

Atlanta 2010 171_2 WEB

Atlanta 2010 209_2 WEB

Atlanta 2010 152_2 WEB

Atlanta 2010 199_2BW WEB

Atlanta 2010 283_2 WEB

Atlanta 2010 293_2 WEB

Monday, May 3, 2010

bridal portraits | atlanta ga

This is another of the sessions we did while in Atlanta. This gorgeous bride to be met up with us to do some bridal portraits before her big day. I know you really just care about the photos... so here they are!

Atlanta 2010 069_2 WEB

Atlanta 2010 054_2H WEB

Atlanta 2010 336_2 WEB

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

senior portraits | atlanta ga

This past weekend I had an amazing opportunity to fly to Atlanta to get together with some amazing photographers for a few photo shoots. We had a great time and it was so inspiring to see the way others work. For one of our sessions we went to a local college and did some senior portraits. It was so gorgeous and we definitely don't have architecture and landscapes like that around here. These are a few of my favorite shots!

Atlanta 2010 034_2 WEB

Atlanta 2010 038_2 WEB

Atlanta 2010 061_2 WEB

Atlanta 2010 057_2 WEB

Atlanta 2010 083_2 WEB

Atlanta 2010 088_2b WEB

Monday, March 29, 2010

stacey & matt | engagement

This past weekend I was honored with the opportunity to go incognito and photograph my sister's engagement. I worked with her finance Matt to be in the right place at the right time and capture these unforgettable moments for them. She didn't even realize I was there... even after he pointed me out. I guess my hat and over-sized sweatshirt definitely did the trick. She was absolutely beaming after it happened and I was so excited to witness this special moment first hand. Congrats sis, and I can't wait until the big day!!!

Engagement Stacey 03-27-10 013_2 WEB

Engagement Stacey 03-27-10 018 2_WEB

Engagement Stacey 03-27-10 021 2_WEB

Engagement Stacey 03-27-10 041 2 WEB

Engagement Stacey 03-27-10 051 2 WEB

And a close up of the gorgeous ring. Nice job Matt!