Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Now Offering: Storyboards

I have now started to offer custom mounted storyboards and larger wall hangings. They are available in a variety of sizes and can be mounted on foamboard, masonite, standout, or even canvas. Here are a few quick samples I put together from some recent sessions. If you are interested in a product that wasn't available at the time of your session I am more than willing to create one, so please contact me for info.

16x20-Storyboard E&R 1 WEB

10x20 Storyboard E&R 2 WEB

Baby A - 10x20 Storyboard Proof1

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sneak Peek – Elizabeth & Rebecca

I got the opportunity to do my first family photoshoot on location. Our friends from college came down and I got to photograph their beautiful 2 ½ and 1 year old daughters Elizabeth and Rebecca. They were so adorable with the most gorgeous blue eyes ever. We started out in the studio and then went to a park to get some outdoor family shots. We had a lot of fun and I think I got some great photos for them to remember their family at this point in their lives. I also captured what little bit of fall we actually get here in San Diego which was such a pleasure. I hope you enjoy these Karen & Isaac!

E&R 10-20-08 013 2b WEB

E&R 10-20-08 016 2b WEB

E&R 10-20-08 079 2 WEB

E&R 10-20-08 125 2 WEB

E&R 10-20-08 297 2 WEB

E&R 10-20-08 174 2 WEB

E&R 10-20-08 196 2 BW WEB

E&R 10-20-08 135 2 WEB

E&R 10-20-08 210 2 Vintage WEB

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Newborn Sneak Peek – Baby Abbi

This past weekend I got the opportunity to photograph our friends new baby girl Abbi. She was just 5 days old and so adorable. Her big sister Evelynn is such a sweetie and although she didn’t want to have her picture taken, we were able to convince her to get a few pictures with her sister. It was such a pleasure being able to capture little Abbi at her tiniest and I hope you guys love everything we captured. Thanks so much for the opportunity Joe & Stephanie!

Baby A - 232 3 WEB

Baby A - 040 3c BW WEB

Baby A - 227 2b BW WEB

Baby A - 170 2 BW WEB

Baby A - 092 2 BW WEB

Baby A - 135 2 BW WEB

Baby A - 108 3 BW WEB

Baby A - 009 2b WEB

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sneak Peek – Newborn Baby Jack

I got a referral from the friend of a family member who saw my last newborn shoot. They were such a sweet family, and baby Jack was just 2 weeks old and so adorable. What is it with the 2nd children that just lay there and act perfect? He never made a single sound, and although he didn’t want to sleep at all he was so great. I got lucky that he shut his eyes for about 1 minute at the end of the session, which gave me a few sleepy looking shots that are just perfect. Enjoy the sneak peek Kristen & Justin!

Baby J 203 2 BW WEB

Baby J 196 2 WEB

Baby J 191 2 BW WEB

Baby J 184 2 WEB