Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sneak Peek – Cinderella

I recently got the opportunity to get my niece Breanna into my studio. She’s 2 ½ and such a cutie. She was so fun to photograph and I enjoyed the opportunity to take pictures of her in her Cinderella costume that she just got at Disneyland for Halloween. I’m so glad you got to bring her over Tracy & Keith, and I hope you love what I captured!

B - Proof 4

B - Proof 1

B - Proof 2

B - Proof 5

B - Proof 6

B - Proof 7
B - Proof 8

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Unknown said...

I think I just left a comment on the wrong one - so I will do it again! I love your photos! My aunt and I have been wanting to do a photo shoot of the girls at the beach. Do you make house (or beach) calls? Let me know!